Frame Tents (no center poles)

10X10 Frame Tent

15X15 Frame Tent

20X20 Frame Tent

20X30 Frame Tent

20X40 Frame Tent


8’X30” Tables (seats 8-10 people)

6’X30” Tables (seats 6-8 people)

6’X18” Tables or 24 Classroom Tables

48” Round Tables (seats 4-6)

60” Round Tables (seats 6-8)

72” Round Tables (seats 8-10)

36” Round Highboy Tables (40” high)

Half Moon 60”

Serpentine Tables 30X36”


Brown Folding Chairs (plastic seat & back)

White & Chrome Folding Chairs (plastic seat & back)


72”x120” (banquet table linen)

90” Round Linen

120” Round Linen

132” Round Linen

54” Round Linen

72” Round Linen

90” Round Linen

20” Square Napkins

8” Skirting

14ft Skirting

Chair Covers

Party Special Equipment

Moonwalk (Bouncy House)

Sno Cone Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Popcorn Machine

Frozen Beverage Machine (machine holds about 5 gal total at one time)

Pizza Warmer

Champagne/Beverage Fountain (5 gallon)

Coat Rack

Charcoal Grill

Propane Grill

Commercial Fryer

Pancake Dispenser

Stanchions w/ Rope

Pipe & Drape



Dance Floor

Beverage Dispensers w spout (Hot/Cold):

  • 3 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 10 Gallon

Stove Top Griddle

Propane Burner

100 Cup Coffee Maker

Pancake Dispensers

60qt Pots w/ Lids

Propane Fryer (Commercial Size)

Hot Boxes-units heats up to 190 degrees

Open Racks (on wheels) (holds 20 sheet pans)

Refrigerator (57” h x 22”w x 28” deep)

Garbage Cans

Buffet Equipment

Standard Chafers w/ any size pans (includes pans for food & 1 sterno)

Roll Top Chafers (gold rim) w/ any size pans (includes pans for food and 1 sterno)

Soup Chafers

Salad Bar w/ linen

Bar & Beverage Equipment

8’ Bar w/ Linen & Skirting

6’ Bar w/ Linen & Skirting

Super Coolers ½ Barrel

Beverage Cooler on wheels

48 qt. Coolers

60 qt. Coolers

128 qt. Coolers

Bus Pans